Doctor Proctor

Sian Proctor 2

Who is Doctor Proctor?

Dr. Sian Proctor is a geology professor at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a B.S. Environmental Science from Edinboro University, M.S. Geology from Arizona State University, Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction: Science Education from Arizona State University.

She was a finalist for the 2009 NASA Astronaut Program, was on the 2010 Discovery Channel reality TV show called The Colony, was the Education Outreach Officer on a 4-month NASA funded Mars simulation in 2013, and a 2014 PolarTREC teacher studying climate change research in Barrow, Alaska.

Last year Sian was featured in a new PBS series called Genius with Stephen Hawking. She’s in Episode 2: Are We Alone where she learns how to search for intelligent life in the universe. She also spent most of last summer on a South America adventure where she was a 2016 ACEAP Astronomy Ambassador to Chile.

This summer Sian will be hitting the high seas as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2017 Teacher at Sea:

When Sian isn’t engaged in professional development she can be found hiking 500 miles across Spain, SCUBA diving in Australia, playing ice hockey with friends, or learning to fly.

The following pictures will give you an idea of who I am.