Camino de Santiago 23

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Today I walked with John and Susan and it started me thinking about friendship.


What I know most about my childhood is that I spent a great deal of it alone. I was a total tomboy and I loved fishing. I remember fishing for hours and hours all by myself.


The few friends I did have we’re boys. I wanted to be a boy. Mostly because at that age I could see a freedom allowed to boys that girls didn’t get. My brothers got to play football while I got to cheer for them on the sidelines.


I was a wallflower in high school, just blending into the background. I think part of my social disconnection came from the fact that 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade were all different schools.


I remember in high school waiting for my friends to pick me up to go somewhere like the movies, and they never showed up. I was forgotten. And I remember thinking at the time that relying on others only led to disappointment.


Well that all changed when I went to college. The very first day my parents dropped me off in the dorms I met some of the girls on my floor and thus began an amazing four years of social growth. I finally felt socially connected.


That trend has continued through the years. My good friends from college are now distant and will always hold a place in my heart.

My newest friends are my form of gold. They are amazing people that inspire, challenge, and enlighten me on a daily bases.

My social strength is Relator.
Relator: People who are especially talented in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.

Relators tend to have a few, very close friends. I know this trait to be true. My whole life I’ve always had only a few really close friends.


The Camino to me is a quick and dirty journey through your life in many ways. People come and go, just like friends in real life. But even though the time is short, maybe an hours walk, a days tromp, a meal, or a night in an alburgue, the connection, support, insight, laughter, and bonding moments will last a lifetime.


So to my Camino friends I want to say thank you for your acceptance, understanding, and wisdom. You will be missed!


To my friends at home, I miss you guys. You are valued more than I will ever be able to express. I love you with all my heart! :-)

Day 24: Statues

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  1. Sian, your insights are so refreshing and I can completely relate!!

  2. I seriously think you should write a book about this journey. You’ve already written it really. Just get it published. You’re amazing!

  3. Great blog! Love the shadow series!

  4. Your “Sombras en Camino” are some of the most beautiful, moving, inspiring photographs I have ever seen. The angles and the intensity of the sunlight in Spain makes the shadows stretch and bend, inviting us down the pathway with you.

  5. Agree with Wink, your pictures are becoming more insightful as you continue your journey and open up your heart. I see some change in you that is as beautiful as the pictures of flowers you show us.

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