Camino de Santiago 19

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Today started out creepy. I got up and walked out of the alburgue into the dark. That’s what I do every morning. It’s dark, the streets are completely empty, and the old medieval villages are just creepy to walk through at this hour. But I do it. What made today worse was at the edge of the creepy town was the creepy, sleepy hollow, headless horseman woods that I had to go through. I literally paused at the entrance and said to myself you’ve got to be kidding me. I looked to see if any other pilgrims were coming but no, not a soul.


So I turned on my iPhone flashlight app and began walking, fast, through the creepy forest. When it finally ended I was relieved. Ecstatic even. It was after all Friday the 13th!


I was walking to Astorga. The route today was boring at first. It was mostly by a busy road. I was surprised that I walked the entire day and hardly saw anyone. So I started taking fun shadow pictures.


My shadows name is Skylar and she’s got a bit of an eccentric personality. More on her in a later blog.


About midway along I came to this cool bridge with a jousting area and a bar overlooking the field. So I sat and ate breakfast. It was really nice and pleasant. Puffy cloud were building in the sky and I was slowly starting to climb up the foothills.





Just outside of town was a split. I could choose to continue to follow the road or I could veer off into the country. I chose the countryside and I am glad I did. It was such a beautiful day.







I eventually came across this random drink stand run by a fairly good looking Spanish dude. It was just in the middle of nowhere. So I drank a little juice, deposited some coins, and headed onward.


Astorga sits on a hill. It kinda reminded me of Edinburgh, Scotland. The alburgue I stayed in was really nice. I was in a room of only 4. I went to the main square for a snack that turned into a huge meal. I though that they over fed us in the USA. I can assure you that Spain has taken it to the next level.







I went out and explored the Guadi house and cathedral.




Then I met up with my friend John, someone I didn’t think I’d see again but there he was standing outside the cathedral. So we went to have dinner together. But I wasn’t hungry because of the massive chicken I ate earlier so I drank green tea. Other friends joined us and a guy did magic tricks for us. Then we all parted ways and I have no idea if I’ll see any of them again. That’s how things are on the Camino, you just never know who you will run into or meet next.



Day 20: Cheap

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  1. That Guadi house looks incredible…stuff of storybooks!

    Very cool

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