Camino de Santiago 17

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I decided I would get up and have breakfast which is rare for me to do at 5:30 am. I personally like to walk a few miles before stopping and having my cafe con leche and tortilla de potato. But I was walking with my new friend Karen and her routine is to eat before walking. So we ate chocolate covered mini wheats. I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy it as much as my usual routine. I guess everyone has a morning routine. For me, eating first thing isn’t one of them.


Karen is from upstate New York And works at a college in student services. There are a lot of people from academia on the camino. They are generally either students or teachers. People who have their summers off.


So we walked and talked about all kinds of things. We didn’t have far to go. Only 18.2 km and it was another cool brisk morning. Both Karen and I like to leave early, around 5:30 am before the sun rises.



Even though Karen is only in her mid 20’s I found her to be very intellectual and wise beyond her years. The best nugget of advise she gave me was about legacy and leaving your mark.


She said: What I do helps other people see things, learn things, and think about things in new ways. Ways I will never know.


We got to Leon nice and early, around 10 am. We got lost looking for the benedictine alburgue but a nice Spanish lady walked us over to where we needed to be. The alburgue didn’t open until 11 am so we had time to hit the chocolateria.



I ordered a chocolate latte thinking I was going to get a mocha coffee. Instead I got a cup of melted chocolate.

I’ve never had anything like it. It reminded me of the kind of chocolate you dip fruit like strawberries and bananas in. It was too rich for me and I actually had to buy a coffee con leche and mix the chocolate into it.


The alburgue wasn’t very nice inside. Lots of people in a large room. They seperared the boys from the girls. Which was too bad because this extremely hot Canadian guy showed up today. We are talking LL Bean model and all the girls, including myself, began drooling. We called him Indiana Jones because he looked and dressed like Indy but with crystal blue eyes. He was in front of me while I was chatting with Karen at the alburgue. He turned and said, “I have a degree in geology too (smile) but I don’t use it.” Chuckle, of course he was married. Reminded me of the Alanais Morrasette song Ironic:

Meet the man of my dreams, and then meet his beautiful wife…isn’t it ironic, don’t you think! ;-)


After my shower I decided to go shopping because I was tired of being cold in the mornings. I purchased gloves, leggings, and a light flannel pullover.

I ran into Silvia, an Italian lady who now lives in belgium. We decided to checkout the cathedral.





They actually did a really good job of describing the design and building of the cathedral with an audio device you carry around. So far, they’ve done the best job of presenting good, useful information and in any language.

I ran into my friend Xavi. We seem to meet up a lot. He’s a great guy. We had lunch together. It’s great eating with people who are Spanish or can speak the language. In Spain tuna is considered a vegetable. So, when you order a salad, it comes with tuna. When you order a vegetarian pizza, it comes with tuna. I’ll never get use to that.




Later I ran into Silvia and a friend of hers for drinks and tapas. Leon was nice but I liked Burgos better. But Barcelona is still my top Spanish city.


Day 18: Camino Lottery

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  1. Smitten by your shadow pix, Sian. These would be good visuals to go along with the lessons/insights you’re being led toward. The shadows precede you, guide your steps, leading you always to your destination.

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