Camino de Santiago 11

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It is day 11 of my Camino and I am traveling from Burgos to Hontanas.


Today was an interesting day. I woke up around 5:30am, got my stuff together, and headed out onto the Burgos streets. It was slightly misty outside adding a level of mystic as I skirted by the cathedral and out of the city. There were pilgrims ahead of me and behind, but I was alone.


I opted to listen to music instead of The Power of Now. I downloaded The Power of Now audio book before leaving home. I know I need to listen to it, but It was just too early for therapy.

I was shocked by the number of people walking, leaving Burgos. Everywhere I looked there were pilgrims. Burgos is a popular starting point and I was told the closer I get to Santiago, the more crowded if becomes. My California and Spanish friends had left sometime in the very early hours.





About an hour into my walk I pass Larry bird. Not the real Larry Bird, but an Irish guy I met about 4 days earlier who always has a Celtics Larry bird shirt on. We started chatting. He’s a civil engineering professor in Ireland. I told him U2 is my favorite band and he rolled his eyes. HaHa, another typical American in love with U2. We talked and talked and talked.


Next thing I know we are passing loads of people, including my Spanish and Californian friends. We averaged 3 miles an hour which was crazy considering he has a bad right leg and I had an aching left leg. But I think it was the conversation. We were able to easily relate to each others academic worlds.


It was a very pleasant day with scattered clouds and a light breeze. Instead of doing the 21km I had planned, we ended up doing 31km. But the funny thing is, so did everyone else. So we all ended up in this small village together. People who I thought I’d never see again, just keep reappearing. And I meet new people every day. But that’s the Camino. I walked 15 miles with Brian, got to town, checked into the alburgue, and we went our separate ways. Will I see him again? I have no clue…but based on what I’ve learned on the Camino, the chances are pretty good.


So I got cleaned up and was starving so I went to eat the meal of the day. The restaurant across the street had sopa de ajo listed for the first course and I was hooked. The last time I had garlic soup was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in the summer of 97. I was learning to scuba dive and the warm garlic soup was heavenly after the underwater adventure.

So I sat alone, ordered, and began flipping through my book. My wine, water, bread, and garlic soup arrived. OMG, was it good. It was sooo good that I wanted to ask for the recipe…but the language barrier was not in my favor.


Next I had my chicken. I thought it was pretty funny that they decorate my fries in mayo and ketchup. Condiments seem to be a rare thing in Spain so I was grateful.



As I finished my meal three individuals sat at the table next to me. A Korean girl, Dutch man, and young Italian guy. They asked me to join them and the drinking began. I still had my cravasse of wine to finish and they ordered beers. It was delightful. Even though the Italian guy didn’t speak English and non of us spoke Italian or Spanish, we sill managed to engage in comradery by using the international language of salute, and clicking our glasses every few minutes.


I was utterly exhausted after my big mid afternoon meal, and drinks with new found friend, and retired to my bunk for a siesta. It was a good day. I didn’t think, just walked and talked. Someday that’s just what you need.

Day 12: One Step Closer

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  1. hi sian,
    great to c u enjoy urself n nice to c some people i remenber
    btw that larry bird guy was with us in estella, if u dont remenber
    n i recognize some other people too
    ive got a job in 5* hotel near the biggest lake in swiss n life is good
    but still dreaming of the way, im trying not to c all ur pics
    say hi to sarah n abby
    bon camino american sister lol

  2. Hey Sian!
    I hope that you are keeping well? I managed to find you on the web after googling The Colony!!! I’m delighted to see that I am now known as Larry Bird!!! It was great to walk with you that day…I had to take a rest day in Burgos because my leg was giving me serious trouble and it was still a bit sore when I set out that morning from Burgos, but the conversation with you helped the time pass and I forgot the pain altogether!

    It’s a pity that we didn’t catch up after that, as I thoroughly enjoed your company! As it happened, my leg improved greatly over the following days and I managed to make really good progress on the Camino! I caught up with my “boyfriend” Michael in Leon and we arrived in Santiago on July 17th!

    I really enjoyed the whole experience and from reading your blog, it sounds like you got a lot out of it too?! I wish you nothing but the best for the future and hope that you continue to enjoy an exciting and fulfilling life! Best of luck with the dome experiment and the NASA application! If you ever visit the Emerald Isle again, look me up!
    Take care!
    Brian aka Larry Bird!

    PS Pass on my regards to Sarah and Abby if you are in touch with them…I hope they enjoyed the festival in Portugal!

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