Camino de Santiago 10

Jul 10th, 2012 | By | Category: Travel Adventures
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Today I thought about community as I made the walk from Atapuerca to Burgos.


I was walking with Abby and Sarah. Three amigos on the open road. It was a nice day, slightly overcast as we headed out but it quickly warmed up. As we walked we talked about all kinds of things. I felt connected. I wasn’t expecting to want or need it.


I was reminded of the movie About a Boy. I highly recommend it I you haven’t seen it. I do believe it is Hugh Grant’s best movie. The premise of the movie is that no man is an island, isolated from others. In many ways we need community. But I often feel like an island. Isolated from the whole, or maybe an island chain. But definitely not a continent full of community. How is the Camino changing my understanding or need for community?


Community can come in many forms. Your family, friends, colleagues all represent different types of community. We get different things from each community we associate with.


We show our loyalty to our communities in varies ways. For instance, we wear the t-shirts and hats promoting our allegiance to sports organizations, cartoon characters, fashion, etc.

I find it interesting that when I see someone wearing a Phoenix Coyotes jersey, I feel a connection to them. Why is that?



The Camino provides a community in a way I hadn’t imagined. It gives me the time I need to be alone and reflect, but brings me together in a united migration. A pilgrimage of individual needs and desires, finding comfort and comradery in a common goal. To complete the Camino.


The community of the Camino is felt most behind the walls of the Alburgue. When you pass through the doors you find comfort, relaxation, acceptance, help, and the people you’ve bonded with along the way.

I have been amazed at how I run into people I didn’t expect to ever see again. Some people I have never met, but I have seen along the way. We acknowledge our unique bond with a nod, hola, or a buen camino as we pass.


But the real excitement comes when you see the people you’ve conversed with, shared a meal with, or slept in the same room with.

Here are some pictures of my Camino community so far.






The cathedral at Burgos is AMAZING. It is huge. The alburgue is located right down the street and pilgrims get a discount to enter.









My favorite part of the cathedrals are the domes. I’m always in awe when I look up and see these massive brick symmetrical structures.



The whole experience was enhanced by a choir. The somber church music added a unique ambiance as a walked the massive around.


Day 11: Larry Bird

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