Camino de Santiago 7

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Hello everyone. I am a day behind and it is throwing me off. I don’t have a great memory for details so I like summarizing the days event the day they occur.

I was so happy to be reunited with my California friends Abby and Sarah. They have a lot of positive energy, are well read about spirituality and self-reflection, love to listen to music and dance, and are just downright fun to be around.


It was a cold morning with slightly overcast skies as we headed out. We had a relatively short distance of around 20km (~13 miles).


Sarah and I decided to have our bags transported to the next town so I only had to carry my very small, travel backpack. my left shoulder is all jacked up and I didn’t want to risk a more serious injury. So I headed out of town feeling pretty good.


The thing about walking long distances with interesting people is that they get you thinking about things in new ways. I’ve had a number of great discussions with Sarah and Abby. On this day we started talking about ego, affirmation, and Facebook.


Before I dive into some of my thoughts I want to let you know that everything is blooming. The air is so sweet. So this post will have a variety of pictures dealing with the wildflowers along the way.


We ended up getting into an interesting discussion about ego. How it manifests itself in our lives and how we can keep it in check. This, of course, got me thinking about Facebook and the role it plays in feeding the ego.


It’s funny how Facebook affects my life in so many different ways. I’ve been able to connect to people I haven’t seen in years, connect with people I’ve just met, and, of course, connect with my closest friends. When I think of Facebook, I think of affirmation of existence.


What I mean by this is that when I click the “like” button it is my way of saying I hear you and I acknowledge your presence.


When people like the stuff I post or leave comments, I like it. It makes me feel good. I would classify myself as a semi-introvert. That means I enjoy being alone but also enjoy connecting with a few close friends. Facebook enables me to connect in a way I never imagined and my ego loves it. My ego is addicted to it. I find myself checking Facebook more than my email. And the discussion yesterday made me realize why. You, my Facebook friends, make me feel like my existence matters. When I post something and you comment or like it, you’ve said to me, “I hear you Sian, and I approve.”

How crazy is that? I find it fascinating that a virtual program could have such a strong power in my life, feeding a need for affirmation in this lonely world.


I don’t necessarily see this as a good or bad thing, just interesting. As humans, I wonder how much we desire connections in any form. Is there a basic need or desire to be heard?


Now I know most people will have a completely different view of Facebook and I am curious to hear what it is. What do you get out of facebook?


And what about Facebook lurkers? You know, the people who never post, just look and read what other people post. They don’t even leave comments or click the like page. How do we know they exist? Because they are the work colleague you run into and they say, “Loved that photo of your dinner last night.” and you think to to yourself, I forgot you were even a Facebook friend. What do they get out of Facebook?


As for me and my self reflective journey, I will continue to use Facebook and to post pictures of my dinner. ;-)

I will continue to read my friends posts and click the “like” button. ;-)

I will continue to check who’s on line so that I can chat with them. ;-)


Why? Because I enjoy being connected to people in a way I’ve never been before. But, I will recognize the role of Facebook in my life.

I will recognize my need for affirmation and find new, healthier ways, to fulfill it.

I will not let Facebook become an addiction, it is a tool. A piece of software. A way to connect but from a distance.


I will make an effort to call my friends, visit them, have dinner parities, laugh, and experience life, in real time with real people….

And then post the experience on Facebook! ;-)


I hope you have enjoyed my reflection on Facebook, ego, and affirmation. It would feel great if you could leave a comment, or just click “Like!” chuckle ????

Day 8: Onward

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  1. I agree with you about Facebook! I use it to share what I am doing, and yes I am looking for affirmation in my life. It is also nice to be able to tell friends I “like” what they are doing, or leave comments of positive feedback to let them know I appreciate them. I am also an introvert, so this is a great way for me to connect with others from afar. As far as the “lurkers” go, I find it bothersome that they won’t even bother to “like” a post for fear of leaving a “footprint” on a post they were reading. I tend to unfriend folks that don’t post or comment on my posts. If someone could share a different perspective about lurkers, I would appreciate it.

  2. Here is another adventurer on a journey of discovery. No flowers, but perhaps miracles as well.

  3. The flowers are amazing! And I think I feel the same way about FB, but I have seen those addicted and I do wonder about how it’s impacting younger folk in both positive and negative ways… interesting article in The Atlantic about Facebook, in case you have the energy, time and internet connection:

    Food for thought? :) Keep the posts coming–I”m loving every one!

  4. I have appreciated the fact that FB has allowed me to connect with family members of a completely different generation -and across 3 continents. I do not always ‘like’ something, as I do not want to condone everything that I might come across, although I would like to find a way of stating that I have read the post and am keeping their sharing in my thoughts.
    Sian, I appreciate your journeys… for as long as I have known you… and yours was the FIRST Cybersalon group that I visited; you have been a teacher and thought-provoker for me -although you most likely had no idea how much I take from your varied experiences. I would like the opportunity to listen to your comments and answering of questions -hopefully, sometime… Ojala, si Dios quiere
    Thanks for your introspection and willingness to share in this public forum.

  5. I miss writing letters. Nobody writes letters anymore. Do you think that will be fashonable ever again? All those flowers remind me my childhood. You take good pictures. I like the shadow pictures. They remind me Peter Pan. In your pictures, your shadow was your loyal “follower” when you had nobody to walk with you. (how about them apples!!!!)

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