Camino de Santiago 6

Jun 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Travel Adventures
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It’s the end of day six. I slept terrible last night. It was colder than I expected and I just tossed and turned all night long. I ended up getting up at about 6:30 and everyone was already gone.

But I knew it was going to be a light day. I only had about 18km (~11 miles) to cover and it was a nice cool day.


So I started out the morning alone and feeling good, but tired. It’s kinda crazy how the streets are completely empty. I didn’t see a single soul, well, except this guy.



I put my iPod on play and today it was all about sappy romantic movie soundtracks…Bridget Jones Diary, City of Angels, Dirty Dancing. Then I flipped on Adele’s album. I am soooo glad I downloaded this album before I left. Too all my girlfriends, its awesome. My favorite song so far is One and Only.


It may sound like somber music but it was perfect for my mood and the morning light.





I was walking into wine country. It was sad to pass all these closed wineries so early in the morning. But had they been open, I’m not sure I would have made it to my next stop. I have had an adult beverage everyday since arriving in Spain. I’m just following the doctors advise that a glass of red wine a day is good for you. ;-)





As I continued to walk the scenery changed. The soil became a deep rich red. It was beautiful. Hard for me to describe. A mixture of green, gold and red, set against a blue sky.




The beautiful scenery and inspiring music made me want to be creative. Now I’m no poet. I don’t even know the rules of poetry…if there are any. But I’ve dabbled before: Tribute to Orion. So I sat and wrote what I felt.


Natures green and gold
Red Earth so bold
We twist and turn
Claim her our own
Our wants, not needs
We let her bleed
The crimson night
Goodbye first light


Then the geologist in me kicked in and here’s what ran through my head.

If I were a rock,
What type of rock would I be?
Hard like granite,
Beautiful like marble,
Rough like sandstone.

No, I am a conglomerate.
Marble, granite, sandstone, and so much more.
An aggregate worn and scattered from afar.
Collected and fused with blood, sweat, tears.
I am whole, but assembled.


Now, the funny thing about this creative insight is that just after I wrote it, I came across this rock hut made of, yes, you guessed it, conglomerate rocks. How crazy is that!



So I am now in my next town. It has a river that runs through it. It’s bigger than the last few towns I have stayed in. This alburgue is one dorm room with 90 beds, but it is free. Donations only. Can’t complain about that!




My California friends (Abby and Sarah) have caught up with me here and we are going to make dinner together. It will be nice to walk with someone again.

It looks like a storm is blowing in and it’s going to rain tomorrow. That will be interesting. I’m glad I won’t be alone!


Cooked dinner with Abby and Sarah. I saut├ęd veggies and we mixed it with rice. Turned out really good.



Day 7: Affirmation

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  1. hey girls,
    keep on rockin’ im watchin the way now
    today i went to walk on the swiss alps cause im still in the mood for the road
    keep ur strenghts up

  2. Dinner looks great! Love all the pictures. Never been to Spain but feeling like I am getting a glimpse now with all your photos. Enjoy this time!

  3. Getting ready to watch the UEFA EURO final Spain vs Italy made me think about how your trip is going. Just came across your posts and I’m enjoying reading them and seeing all the great pictures. Looking forward to the next day’s journal.

  4. bon camino

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