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    Hello and welcome to my web page. I hope you enjoy my pictures, videos, and posts. I have learned a lot about web technology over the last few years and have had a lot of fun learning about embedding video and pictures. I really have to thank my friends in the cyber salon for helping […]

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  • Genius with Stephen Hawking
  • HI-SEAS Recipe Contest Winner
  • Recipe Contest: Tibetan Tsampa Porridge
  • Recipe Contest: Martian Skin
  • Recipe Contest: Moroccan Beef Tagine
  • Recipe Contest: Lemon Dill Pasta Salad
  • Recipe Contest: Spam Musubi
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    Current Topics of Interest

    featuredimage Genius with Stephen Hawking

    Hey Everyone, I recently had the amazing opportunity to work on a science series called Genius and the press release for ...

    featuredimage Education Outreach Videos

    Here are some of the education outreach videos that I created or participated in.

    featuredimage Poetry on Mars

    While in the HI-SEAS habitat I wanted to challenge myself creatively and I also wanted to inspire people to follow ...

    featuredimage My Newest Adventure: To Mars!

    Hello Everyone, Sorry I have been away so long. I have been working on a new project called HI-SEAS: Hawaii Space ...

    FEMA internship

    This year I am on sabbatical from my work. Instead of teaching I will be doing two internships. The first ...

    featuredimage AFA Teacher of the year award

    I am the aerospace education officer for my Civil Air Patrol squadron and I was recently (August 6, 2012) presented ...

    featuredimage Portugal 2012

    After I finished the Camino de Santiago I took the train to Porto and then on to Lisbon. I loved ...

    featuredimage The Camino de Santiago 2012

    Here are the pages for my Camino de Santiago trip. It is a 500 miles walk (pilgrimage) across northern Spain. I ...

    featuredimage Barcelona 2012

    Hello Mom, family, and friends. I flew to Barcelona for the first time this past week all by myself. I ...

    featuredimage HI-SEAS Project

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you my latest adventure. I have been selected to participated in a Mars ...

    Southern Az Wines

    After living in Arizona for over a decade I decided to finally visit the historic town of Bisbee and do ...

    featuredimage Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

    I am a geologist who has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 1994 and I have never been to the bottom ...

    featuredimage Glacier National Park

    This blog is about Glacier NP but before we get there, it all begins in Idaho. My good friend Donna ...

    featuredimage NESA 2011

    I just returned from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. I attended ...

    featuredimage Aogaah Foundation Cambodia

    One of the reasons why I went to Cambodia this year was to visit the Aogaah Foundation. The purpose of ...

    featuredimage Angkor Wat Archeological Park

    Angkor Wat Archeological Park is a region near Siem Reap, Cambodia that served as the seat of the Khmer Empire. ...

    featuredimage Cambodian Cooking Class

    Today I went to a Cambodian cooking class in Siem Reap at the Tigre De Papier Restaurant. Here is Donna ...

    featuredimage Koh Chang Thai Cooking School

    Today I took my very first cooking class and it was in Thailand. The Koh Chang Thai Cooking School is ...

    featuredimage Thailand Excursion

    Today Donna and I navigated our way by boat, car, multiple minivans, and a ferry to Koh Chang Island, Thailand. Donna ...

    featuredimage Cambodia 2011

    This is for my mom, aunt Dottie, and friends like Dee, so they can follow my adventures (Hi to you ...

    featuredimage Warrior Dash 2011

    My good friend Lisa talked me into doing our first running event together. It is called the Warrior Dash. It ...

    featuredimage Superstition Hike 4/10/11

    We decided to go on a longer, more challenging, superstitions hike. Over 1/3 of this hike involved climbing over and ...

    HI-SEAS Recipe Contest Winner

    The HI-SEAS crew would like to thank all the individuals who contributed recipes to the HI-SEAS 2013 recipe contest. The crew really enjoyed making and eating each recipe during their 4-month mission. Here are the top recipes in each category as voted by the crew. Recipe contestants will be contacted via email after the HI-SEAS […]

    Recipe Contest: Tibetan Tsampa Porridge

    Tibetan Tsampa Porridge submitted by Tsezom Yuthok Before the 4-month mission began we held a recipe contest. I asked our audience to submit recipes we could make during our mission that used shelf-stable ingredients from our pantry list. The response was overwhelming. We received a large number of submissions and decided to make 25 of them, five […]

    Recipe Contest: Martian Skin

    Martian skin – yes, the title is intriguing. That’s why we were all glad when it became a finalist for our contest. So Simon and I got together to make this simple, fun, and easy to make dessert. Simon has a young nephew and we both agreed that this is one recipe he’d really enjoy. […]

    Recipe Contest: Moroccan Beef Tagine

      Today Yajaira and I decided to make Moroccan Beef Tagine submitted by Paul Obarowski. At first glance we thought this recipe was going to be long and complicated. But to our surprise, the recipe was fairly easy to make. Paul is a professional chef. Here is what he wrote about his tagine dish: A […]

    Recipe Contest: Lemon Dill Pasta Salad

    Kate and I got together to make a recipe we knew the crew would really enjoy: Lemon Dill Pasta Salad submitted by Diana Zeimen. The best part about this recipe is that it’s easy and yet flexible. Diana recommended some veggies to put in our pasta salad but we switched it up based on our […]

    Recipe Contest: Spam Musubi

    I got together with Yajaira to make a special celebration dish to mark our 1 month anniversary in the Hab. Yajaira really wanted to make sushi so we decided to do it with a twist. Spam musubi was submitted to the HI-SEAS recipe contest by Sarah Rose.  What we loved about this recipe is it […]

    Recipe Contest: Oatmeal Thickened Beef Stew

    Yajaira and I got together to make Oatmeal Thickened Beef Stew, a recipe was submitted by Jared Jones.  Neither one of us had ever used oatmeal in a soup or stew so we were both excited to see how this would turn out. The ingredients are basically beef, oats, and veggies. Here’s what Jared said […]

    Recipe Contest: Omega Patties

    In this episode of Meals for Mars me and Angelo make salmon patties using ground flax seed. This recipe was submitted to the HI-SEAS recipe contest by Aquilla Elfindale.  This is what Aquilla said about her recipe: These hardy salmon patties are filled with omega fatty acids from both the salmon and the flax seed. […]

    FEMA internship

    This year I am on sabbatical from my work. Instead of teaching I will be doing two internships. The first internship starts next week and is at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institution. I will spend 8 weeks there taking classes and working on the science of disasters. Check out the website for EMI: http://training.fema.gov/EMI/ When I […]

    Portugal 2012

    After I finished the Camino de Santiago I took the train to Porto and then on to Lisbon. I loved Portugal. I actually don’t have time to do a cool write-up for Portugal because of my travel. So I’m posting pictures only and the three things I want you to know about Portugal are: 1. […]

    Camino de Santiago 30

    Some of my friends would say I am lucky. I ABSOLUTELY agree. I have had some terrific once-in-a-life opportunities. The only bad thing that’s ever happened to me was loosing my father at 19. So what do you do when you’ve had a charmed life? I say inspire others. I teach because I love being […]

    Camino de Santiago 29

    The biggest takeaway for me was the people. There was such a variety of ages, nationality, and stories. It’s hard for me to express how quickly connections are made. I met some really terrific people and the most shocking part about my journey is I got to say goodbye to most of them. What I […]

    Camino de Santiago 28

    Now you all know I couldn’t go on a trip like this without devoting one entire day to food. Everyone knows I love food. Most of my Facebook posts are of pictures of my food. I workout simply so can eat, anything, and still look good. Which gets more challenging with age. So I want […]

    Camino de Santiago 27

    Something I didn’t expect about the Camino was the level of openness. Everyone is walking the Camino for a reason whether they know it or not and one way to gain insight into your quest is through the connections you make along the way. I am generally a guarded individual. The only people I like […]

    Camino de Santiago 26

    One of the most interesting things I experienced on the Camino was pace. Everyone has one. My pace has always been fast. Not sure why. Maybe because I am a futurist and I’m always looking, thinking, and moving ahead. On the Camino I thought a lot about pace. Not just on this journey, but also […]

    Camino de Santiago 25

    I want to start off day 25 by acknowledging the real hero of my journey and that is my feet. I have asked a lot of them over the past month and they’ve responded well. Not a single blister! Now I’ve seen some jacked-up feet along the way. Some people have so many blisters I […]

    Photo of the Month: June

    My day at Angkor Wat was enhanced when a group of monks showed up. I chased them around trying to get a great shot. This is one of my favorites from that day.

    Favorite Bird Photo

    My friend Randel, who I met through the astronaut selection process, loves photography and we started to share some of our favorite photos. I love pelicans and it just happens that his favorite bird photo is also a pelican. I have always loved the way they fly in formation and dive bomb for food. They […]

    Photo of the Month: May

    This photo was taken on the San Antonio River Walk. I stopped in San Antonio on my cross-country drive. What a terrific city. Me and my friend Diana did a boat tour. The sun’s rays were coming through the trees perfectly as I snapped this photo.

    Photo of the Month: April

    Here is an MRI image of my brain. Medical test are just one of the many cool parts about interviewing for the astronaut program. It was great learning more about my body and my overall health. I learned that my brain is “Grossly Normal”…and I’m hoping that’s a good thing!

    Photo of the Month: March

    The photo above is my natural hair. For most of my life I got my hair chemically straightened and never knew my natural hair was actually kinda nice. Hard to believe…but true. Now that I have had curly hair for about 5 years I wanted to compare it to the straight hair I use to […]

    Photo of the Month: February

    I needed to get orthotics and had x-rays taken of my feet. I thought this photo of my feet was unique and interesting. I wish I had video taped the doctors explanation of why orthotics would be useful with all my physical activities but so far my feet feel great.

    Photo of the Month: January

    Come on…you knew I was going to pick a NASA photo, Right??? It was one of the best professional experiences of my life and this photo sums up my childhood goal of wanting to be a Space Shuttle Commander. I had always seen the road to being an astronaut through a military lens and flying. […]

    Photo of the Month: December

    Horseback riding in Ometepe, Nicaragua. Lucerious is my horse and we are riding along the beach of Lake Nicaragua.

    Rome 2011
    Golfing with the Geese

    Golfing with the Geese from psyan on Vimeo.

    Favorite Aviation Photos

    Here is a video album of my favorite aviation photos. All the photos were taken by me. I really enjoy aviation photography and I hope you like the album. I’ve been trying out Animoto and so far I like it.

    Peruvian Rain Forest and Grubs!

    My best friend Diana will eat anything. That’s just one of many reasons why she is so great to travel with. During our South American jaunt we stopped in the Peruvian Rain Forest where Diana put her survival 101 skills to use. I entered this video in a contest and you can see what I […]

    Warrior Dash 2011

    My good friend Lisa talked me into doing our first running event together. It is called the Warrior Dash. It is a 3.4 mile run with about 12 obstacles along the way. Our only goal for this event was to finish. Here is a recap of the event.

    Superstition Hike 4/10/11

    We decided to go on a longer, more challenging, superstitions hike. Over 1/3 of this hike involved climbing over and scrambling around river boulders. The total hike length was around 14 miles and it was a 9 hour hiking day.

    Superstitions Hike 3/27/11

    Went on a hike in the superstitions today with my friends Donna, Greg, and Steve. It was a lot of fun but also very challenging. We had to swim about 100 yards in the end to finish the hike. The swimming part was a surprise to all of us and I am definitely not a […]

    Picacho Peak Hike 2010

    I have lived in Arizona since 1994 and I have never hiked Picacho Peak – that is until now. Picacho peak is just west of I-10 about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. The summit sits at 3374 feet above sea level. It appears to be partly a debris flow overlain by lava flows. Picacho means […]

    First Walk in Germany

    This morning I went for an exploration walk around Stephan’s village. Just a few steps out the door and I am in the country. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful the landscape is here. The weather so far has been perfect! Stephan’s village is in the background. Checkout my runkeeper.com map below to see […]

    New Hiking Program: RunKeeper

    Today I started using a new program to track my hiking. It’s called My Runkeeper. I hiked South Mountain Preserve and was really happy with the results. Below is the route map I hiked. You can also see statistical data on start and end time, how far we hiked, our pace, and how high we […]

    Hiking South Mountain Area

    For the past couple of weeks I have been hiking South Mountain Preserve. The preserve consists of over 16,000 acres and is considered the largest municipal park in the country. There are over 51 miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. For the past month I have been hiking the Mormon and […]


    My friends have decided to utter their spirits (Wine, Beer, and any other alcohol). Since I am not a big drinker I probably won’t have a lot of utterz. However, I think you will enjoy my friends unique tastes!